Research Stars

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About Research Stars

Research Stars Association is an international community of Researchers, Academicians, Corporate, Practitioners, Students and Research Aspirant for the development and spread of ideas in the field of research and education through Sharing of Information. The Research Stars supporting Researcher Empowerment in Multi-National and Disciplinary. The research stars Providing Association of the Researchers in One Place for Supporting research work Mutually collaboration from one to one. The research stars are providing the Right Information to Right Researchers through Digitally.


Research Stars Association has evolved a diversified programme of research, training and extension activities within the framework of the following main objectives:

  1. To foster the training of young research scholars in India through training programmes.
  2. To actively engage in the dissemination of knowledge in the research, particularly through cooperation with other educational institutions in the region.
  3. To conduct research on Social sciences and Technology problems of basic and applied nature. Give due attention to the problems of the Rural Economy and work on problems of the national economy.


The Research Stars Association was established essentially to dedicate its focus on research in education with an interdisciplinary approach and most important on the relationship between education and community from various perspectives. To be an institution of excellence in research education that continually responds to changing Community realities through the development and application of knowledge, its helps to better world.


Our mission is to provide a broad range of Knowledge and career oriented research programs. These are inspired, inform and influence the global research community to supporting innovation to meet the needs. To collaborate with other research agencies, research organizations, including universities, colleges and other institutes in India and abroad, in such manner as may be necessary for the promotion of the objective of the Centre.

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